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Packing Gasket

Selling Cheap Gasket Packing from Toko Sinar Cemerlang in Glodok, Jakarta. Gasket is a material or a combination of several materials sandwiched between two mechanical connections that can be separated. The function of the gasket is to prevent leakage for a certain period of time. This material used must be able to avoid leakage in its use, is resistant to protected parts and can withstand very high pressure and operating temperatures. In practice, the gasket and the connection must work together.

In general, there are three types of basic materials for gaskets, namely metal, non-metal and half metal. Metal gaskets are made of copper, aluminum or brass. Non-metal gaskets are usually made from asbestos, rubber, paper, hemp, leather, cork and ceramics. Usually as a seal between nonmetal gasket components used using asbestos, rubber and paper base materials. For semi-metal materials are usually a combination of metal and non-metal materials.

There are various types of Packing Gaskets including graphite gaskets, ptfe teflon gaskets, rubber gaskets etc. that are of high quality and low prices.
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