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PILLAR EDP15 for Valves
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Specification of

Pillar style EDP 15 / No.6315CL-EDP15 is made from high grade flexible graphite Pillafoil® yarn that is externally reinforced by inconel wire mesh.

The packing is treated with a special lubricant to ensure excellent sealability.

Temperature Pressure pH

-328 750 + 750 ゚ F

(-200 ~ + 400 ℃) * 2200psi (155 bar)

ASME class 900 0 ~ 14

(except strong oxidizers)


inches 1/8 "= 3.2 mm

inches 3/16 "= 4.8 mm

inches 1/4 "= 6.4 mm

inches 5/16 "= 7.9mm

inches 3/8 "= 9.5mm

inches 7/16 "= 11.1mm

inches 1/2 "= 12.7 mm

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